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Creative Health Care Insight Platform

Creative Health Care Insight is revolutionizing health care with its cloud-based platform “MyCHCI”, consisting of two powerful suites to maximize efficiency and savings. With user-friendly, ultra-secure access from any web-enabled device this is the platform your organization needs to stay ahead and save time in the fast-paced health care landscape. And, yes, it’s compatible with your current or future LMS.

Creative Health Care Insight Platform | CHCI

Competency Suite

Ongoing Competency Component

Seamlessly prioritize and manage your competency needs! This innovative platform component has been co-designed with Donna Wright and is the only competency platform on the market specifically designed to support those using The Wright Model of Competency Assessment. Your organization will be empowered to select competencies with meaning while streamlining the competency assessment process at the same time.

Customizable, effective reports track and document every step and consideration, ensuring you surpass regulatory body requirements. Competencies can be filtered and prioritized for groups, departments by strategic goals, current population needs, quality data, and high-risk aspects allowing your team to focus on the competencies necessary for their roles.

Initial Competency Component

Coming in Spring of 2024

Relational Competency Assessment Component

Evaluate the relational competence of your staff with our Relational Insight 360° discovery tool. Comprehensive reports provide actionable insights that deepen essential relational behaviors, while e-learning modules enable continuous development and enhancement of four relational practices taught in the See Me as a Person workshop.

Measure and analyze your interprofessional leadership team’s skills with the Leadership Insight 360° discovery tool, allowing you to make targeted and effective leadership development efforts.

Professional Portfolio Suite

Demographic Data Collection Component

Which would you rather do…spend hours manually tracking and recording certifications and degrees for your Magnet® or Pathway to Excellence® documentation, or utilize a platform that can extract the information for you?

Our fully customizable Demographic Data Collection Component collects individual education and certification data that can be effortlessly exported to fulfill the ANCC requirements for the Demographic Data Collection Tool® (DDCT®) and the Organization Demographic Form (ODF®).

Professional Advancement Component

This fully customizable advancement, achievement, and compensation tool can target programs that are points-based, requirement based or both. Reviewers can quickly and easily verify any required documentation, and it all ties in with the DDCT® and ODF® reporting to keep users from rework and being required to upload previously collected data.

Unlock Unprecedented Accuracy and Efficiency in your Organization!

Ownership. Empowerment. Accountability.

Organizational Vision | CHCI

Organizational Vision

From competency cycle, inventory control, and predetermined recommendations, your  organizations vision will be developed, implemented and maintained.

Unit Involvement | CHCI

Unit Involvement

Permissions granted to each employee and committee members allow your organization to document high risk and problem areas and track changes.

Outcomes | CHCI


Keeping copious notes allows the highest impact on your outcomes.  Monitoring the RCB care delivery model via CHCI ensures internal reporting, national requirements, and competency summary statements designed to maximize your organizations systems. 

Dashboards | CHCI


Having a competency road map for your team members verifies that an end user has completed and provided evidence of completion.  Each manager will have access to review dashboards of end user, groups, and committees.

Permissions granted to each employee and committee members allow your organization to document high risk and problem areas and track changes.

Why Creative Health Care Insight?

Arrow Chart | CHCI

Investing in Creative Health Care Insight yields substantial financial advantages beyond streamlining the competency assessment process and the massive amounts of time saved with the Professional Portfolio Suite.

Gear Person | CHCI

The platform has intangible benefits, such as strengthening shared governance and collaboration, which leads to autonomy and higher staff retention rates, saving even more in the long run.

Meet Our Team

Aarons Garner | CHCI

Aaron Garner

CEO, Creative Health Care Insight

With over two decades of experience, Aaron solidified his reputation as a trailblazer in healthcare and business strategy. As the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Health Care Insight (CHCI), he’s the driving force behind an innovative cloud-based digital platform, co-designed with Donna Wright, that has set new standards in competency management and e-learning. This platform, seamlessly integrated with any LMS system, resonates with the stringent expectations of regulatory bodies.

Before leading CHCI, Aaron held significant roles at Creative Health Care Management, Inc., and Caron Treatment Centers, marking his journey with milestones in strategic sales, business development, and market intelligence. His earlier contributions as the National Business Development Director at Rennhack Marketing Services, Inc., and as the SVP of Strategic Marketing at Sovereign Bank further underscore his prowess in the field. Today, drawing from his extensive skillset, Aaron is a beacon of innovation in the healthcare industry, championing excellence and visionary thinking.

Tom has over a decade of experience developing and managing regulatory and non-regulatory health care and competency requirements. He specializes in enterprise systems architecture and project management.

He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, and has a BBA in Computer Information Systems and a BS in Economics. While in school, Tom founded and presided over three of the largest student organizations and held office in many others. He was also the Southeast Regional Director of Student Veterans of America, and was responsible for the welfare of veterans at every school in 15 states.

Tom is also a Veteran with 13 years of service. He spent 12 years with the U.S. Army Military Police, including multiple deployments—his last being 19 months in Iraq. He was then reclassified as a Network Systems Operator/Analyst where he was responsible for all networking and computer related functions of a Combat Support Hospital. He has over 35 citations including the Bronze Star, the Global War on Terrorism Service and Expeditionary Medals, the Iraq Campaign Medal, and the Army Commendation Medal.

Ross Thomas | CHCI

Thomas Ross

Enterprise Systems Architecture

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